Richmond Home

Class Cabinet System

When Westhampton College was founded in September 1914, the groundwork for the class system had already been laid. The small group of women who attended classes at Richmond College had worked hard to gather information from other colleges about their class systems and had their plans ready to be executed by the time Westhampton opened its gates for the first time.

Class Rivalries

There were many good-natured rivalries between the classes, with the odd-numbered classes paired against the even-numbered classes. The classes competed in intramural sporting events, song contests, and overall spirit. The odd and even classes also differed in the direction they wore their school rings.

Big Sister/Little Sister program

The Westhampton College class cabinet system organized a Big Sister/Little Sister program, in which the Junior Class members assisted the first-year students in adjusting to their new surroundings. Students formed strong bonds, which enhanced the odd-even split.

Long-Standing Traditions

Throughout the years, the class cabinet system has initiated many events that have become traditions that are still part of Westhampton today. Class activities throughout the years have focused on carrying on the traditions of the College, socials, fundraisers, and service projects, both in the community as well as on campus.