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Community and Celebrations

Community is an action, and all of us have a vital part to play in fostering a thriving and inclusive community. Every year, Westhampton College hosts a variety of events to celebrate and support our students and communities in their fullness. We come together, in ways big and small, to honor and encourage each other.

Café con leche

Cohosted by Westhampton Dean Mia Reinoso Genoni, OMA (the Office of Multicultural Affairs), and LALIS (the department of Latin American, Latino, and Iberian Studies), Café con leche is an opportunity for self-identified Latinx students and allies to connect with one another and meet faculty and staff who identify as Latinx or are allies. We gather together to enjoy good food and good conversation, one Friday evening a month during the academic year.

Connecting Womxn of Color Conference

The Connecting Womxn of Color Conference fosters an open dialogue in which participants can think deeply and critically about current issues. This conference seeks to cultivate an outlet on campus focused on both intellectual and personal development in which women and gender-expansive individuals of color and their allies can have meaningful dialogues around issues important to them, inviting people from local universities and the greater Richmond community to share in and contribute to this diversity, equity, and inclusivity work. The conference intentionally focuses on networking in a welcoming environment in order to connect students with people that they otherwise might not have the opportunity to meet.

The term “womxn of color” is intended to transcend and embrace shades of color and to welcome and unite those of us who identify as women and gender expansive people of Arab/Middle-Eastern, Asian/Pacific Islander, Black/African American/Caribbean/West Indies, Hispanic/Latinx, and Native/Indigenous descent.*

*adapted from Women of Color Network, Inc.


This ceremony brings together new and senior Westhampton students to emphasize the importance of the Honor Code and the Westhampton community. An alum returns to share their thoughts about their experience at the university and as a Westhampton student.  The chair of the Honor Council speaks to the value and importance of the Honor Code, and each new student signs the pledge and is officially recognized as a member of the college community.  In addition, all new students write letters to themselves, which contains their thoughts about arriving on campus, and their hopes and ideas about how they will grow, develop, and change during the coming years. At the same time, senior students have their letters returned to them, and, in a moment that is both touching and incredibly entertaining, two seniors read their letters to the entire community.

This year we are excited to start a new tradition for Proclamation. Westhampton’s colors are blue, white, and black, and we hope that all students will be able to wear one or more of these colors in some way, be it the clothing itself or any kind of accent or accessory. Equally importantly, we encourage students to wear something that is comfortable and authentic as an expression of themselves.

Ring Dance

Ring Dance is perhaps the most memorable Westhampton College formal function. During this dance, junior class students and their families and loved ones celebrate the transition from sophomore to junior year, in a celebration of academic and co-curricular pursuits. Each student is introduced one by one, and the class collectively forms the shape of the Westhampton "W" on the lobby floor.

Senior Celebration

The Westhampton College Dean's Office and the University of Richmond Alumni Association sponsor an annual dinner for the senior class each spring, to celebrate their forthcoming graduation. Special awards, such as the Distinguished Leadership Awards, are given, based on nominations from the university community, including peers, faculty, and staff. Faculty and staff mentors are invited and their contributions to each student and the college community are acknowledged, and a Westhampton alum addresses the graduating class. Senior Celebration emerged out of the college's historical May Day events.

To nominate a senior for one of our awards and for a full description of awards, please visit the awards page

Senior Student-Athlete Reception

The Senior Student-Athlete Reception is an opportunity to honor the dedication and hard work of our student-athletes, who represent the University and Westhampton so powerfully and vitally during their college careers. It is a moment to come together to celebrate as a community their incredible talent, commitment, and school spirit.  Each student-athlete also receives a special commemorative pendant or pin, designed just for our graduating student-athletes, by recent alum Liz Montague (’18), who was a Track & Field athlete and a Visual Media Arts Practice major during her time here.

Westhampton Deanery Events

Westhampton hosts a series of informal community events throughout the year, held in the Deanery. Each semester we have a study break during exam week: in the fall, the Mashed Potato Study Break, and in the spring, the (Casi) Cinco de Mayo Study Break.  On Halloween, students and colleagues are invited to Trick-or-Treat at the deanery all day – costumes encouraged for all!  On Valentine’s Day, students and colleagues are invited to come by for some Westhampton love (community, candy, chocolate, and more) and have the chance to write Valentine notes of gratitude to people in their lives, which we will deliver or mail. If you have any ideas or suggestions for community events, please let us know.

The WILL* Recognition Reception

WILL* hosts an annual Recognition Reception in the spring to celebrate the accomplishments of WILL* students and to recognize their many contributions to our campus and community. Seniors invite faculty and staff mentors to this event and individually speak about the impact of the program in their lives. This event highlights WILL*’s commitment to honing the leadership and analytical skills of its members by making deliberate connections across students’ academic and co-curricular work.

Womxn's History Month

This March, join us in celebrating the incredible advocacy, leadership, scholarship, and creative work of cisgender women and gender-expansive individuals at the University of Richmond and in the greater Richmond community. Through this series of events, we reflect on womxn throughout the university’s history, honor those currently making contributions on campus and in the city, and envision a future in which all cisgender women and gender-expansive individuals thrive at UR and in the world. Please contact Dr. Mari Lee Mifsud, Professor of Rhetoric and Program Coordinator, Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, or Zara Sibtain, Assistant Dean of Westhampton College, with questions about or suggestions for the Womxn’s History Month calendar.