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Class Traditions

Every year, Westhampton College organizes special events that enrich our University community and remind us of the significant role of Westhampton College in our students’ education.

Proclamation Night

This candlelight ceremony brings together new and senior Westhampton students to emphasize the importance of the Honor Code. Each new student signs the Honor Code pledge and is officially recognized as a member of the college community.

In addition, all new students write letters themselves, which contains their thoughts about how they will grow, develop, and change during the coming years. This letter is returned to them during Proclamation Night of their senior year.

Junior Ring Dance

The Junior Ring Dance is perhaps the most memorable Westhampton College formal function. During this dance, junior class students and their families celebrate the academic transition from the sophomore to junior year. The evening is a celebration of academic pursuits. Each student is introduced one by one, and the class collectively forms the shape of the Westhampton "W" on the lobby floor.

WILL* Program

Our nationally recognized program provides a supportive and intellectually challenging community for students to realize their full potential. Learn more.

Senior Celebration Night

The Westhampton College Dean's Office and the University of Richmond Alumni Association sponsor an annual dinner for the senior class to celebrate their forthcoming graduation. Special awards, such as the Distinguished Leadership Awards, are given and an alum addresses the graduating class. Senior celebration emerged out of the college's historical May Day events.

Westhampton College Senior Awards

To nominate a senior for one of our awards and for a full description of awards, please visit the awards page

Class Colors

Following a decades-long Westhampton tradition, four colors rotate among the four classes: yellow (WC '17), green (WC '18), red (WC '19), and blue for our new class (WC '20). Upon arriving on campus, first-year students receive t-shirts in their class color with the Westhampton crest; when they graduate, they wear a snippet of their class-colored Proclamation Night banner on their graduation gown.