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Volunteer, Mentorship, and Leadership Opportunities 

Westhampton College supports volunteer, mentorship, and leadership opportunities for students throughout the year, ranging from assisting with celebrations or community events, to mentoring a new student, to working in the office.  If you are interested in any of the opportunities listed please contact the person listed in each section below.

Westhampton Student Government Opportunities:

There are three branches of student government: the Westhampton College Government Association (WCGA), the Honor Council (HC), and the Student Conduct Council (SCC).  Each provides a meaningful opportunity to serve our community and be an active part of both the College and the University.  If you are interested in being part of any branch, please follow the link to each site and contact the president of WCGA, the chair of the HC, or the chair of the SCC.  Dean Mia Reinoso Genoni is the advisor for WCGA and the HC ( and Assistant Dean Zara Sibtain is the advisor for the SCC (

Westhampton College Class Cabinets:

WCGA includes a class president for each year.  These presidents work with Associate Dean Kerry Fankhauser to select a class cabinet, a group of 5-7 students each class who assist the president and the Dean’s Office with celebration and other event planning, as well as with the dissemination of information from and about the class to WCGA and the Westhampton College Dean’s Office.  Applications are sent to the class each September, and cabinet selection and offers are made in October.  For more information, please contact Associate Dean Kerry Albright Fankhauser at

Westhampton Web:

The Westhampton Web, formerly known as the “Big/Little” program, matches sophomore students with first-year students through a mentoring program.  Rising sophomore students receive an application from their class president during the summer and first-year students receive an application from the sophomore class president before they attend New Spider Orientation.  The sophomore class president then works with Associate Dean Kerry Fankhauser to pair students.  Sophomore mentors reach out to the first-year students before classes begin and during the fall semester meet for activities or meals and attend the Westhampton Web gathering.  For more information, please watch your email and/or contact Associate Dean Kerry Albright Fankhauser at

Connecting Womxn of Color Conference Ambassadors:

The Connecting Womxn of Color Conference is one of Westhampton’s signature and most beloved events.  Each year we hire approximately 6-8 students to serve as ambassadors, to promote and support the conference in a variety of ways.  Student support is integral to the continued success of this conference, and is a great way to get involved.  The commitment is about 4 to 6 weeks, starting before the event itself and including attendance, if possible.  Any and all interested students are welcome to join our ambassador team!  For more information, please contact Assistant Dean Zara Sibtain at

Proclamation Ushers:

Proclamation cannot take place without assistance from our sophomore and junior students who serve as event organizers and ushers before, during, and after the ceremony.  Each year, we need approximately 30 students to assist the Westhampton College Honor Council’s Proclamation Chair and the Westhampton College Dean’s Office, so that we can ensure the celebration runs smoothly for our new and senior students.  This volunteer opportunity asks students to give approximately 4-5 hours of assistance on the day of Proclamation.  For more information, please contact Associate Dean Kerry Albright Fankhauser at

Ring Dance: 

Ring Dance requires assistance from a number of student volunteers in order to help the event run smoothly.  Students can serve as ushers or in other capacities, and each student volunteer receives a ticket to the event.  Ushers agree to attend Ring Dance rehearsal and Ring Dance in order to fulfill their responsibilities.  Assignments vary; many ushers are tasked with overseeing and corresponding with a group of approximately ten junior students during rehearsal and Ring Dance itself.  The ushers’ responsibilities conclude after the procession, at which time they are free to enjoy the event with their friends.  For more information, please contact Associate Dean Kerry Albright Fankhauser at

Employment in the Westhampton College Dean’s Office: 

Each year the Westhampton College Dean’s Office employs students to assist with a variety of responsibilities, including event set-up, social media advertising, and work in the office itself.  These student employees become part of the Westhampton College team and often continue to work for us throughout their time at the university.  For more information on employment opportunities at Westhampton College, please contact Administrative Specialist Cindy McGuire at