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 Laura  Hood
Laura Hood
Administrative Coordinator, Westhampton College
Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

Laura Hood is the administrative coordinator for the Westhampton College Dean’s Office. She is the main contact for scheduling meetings with Dean Mia Reinoso Genoni, Associate Dean Kerry Albright Fankhauser and Assistant Dean Zara Sibtain. She assists Dean Mia Reinoso Genoni with the recommendation process for students pursuing graduate schools, scholarships, other institutions or job recommendations, and with notifying students when they achieve the dean’s list and/or All A's. In addition, she helps with the conduct process. She works with both Dean Genoni and Dean Sibtain in a variety of Westhampton events, including the Connecting Womxn of Color Conference, Café con leche, and the end-of-semester Study Breaks. Laura is from Richmond and enjoys exploring the city for new restaurants and outdoor activities. She enjoys traveling to new places and visiting museums and learning about history. A self-described nerd, Laura loves action/adventure movies, video games, historical fiction and tabletop board games.

Contact Information
Westhampton Center
(804) 289-8468